BEST OF ME, the 20 Year Anniversary album from CURTIS is about to make its debut on Friday, December 9th on all music platforms just one day shy of CURTIS' birthday. The 10-track album is a greatest hits celebration of 8 classic CURTIS songs over his 20-year music career featuring his very first single, "Flame" from 2002 which he performs with rapper, Lord O.Z. "Crash & Burn," a collaboration with CURTIS' late brother, B-Dub also makes the tracklist. The #1 song from CURTIS' repertoire, "#luv" performed with D.R.E. rounds out the album which also features two new singles, the current #1 video song, "Vibez" and the upcoming title track, "Best Of Me." In addition to the digital and CD format releases, BEST OF ME also comes with a 10-song video album on YouTube.




Along with the new album comes a BEST OF ME video album where each week a new video will be released from the album until all songs have been seen. CURTIS wanted to create brand new visuals for all of the songs on the album to coincide with the 20 Year Anniversary celebration. A special BEST OF ME playlist has been created on YouTube that showcases all of the current videos. Click the YouTube banner to go directly to it and be sure to subscribe to CURTIS' official YouTube channel, Curusm Brands.



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VIBEZ is the first of two new singles to be released from CURTIS' forthcoming 20 Year Anniversary BEST OF ME album. In addition to the 10-song set featuring 8 classic CURTIS tunes and 2 new ones, a video album will also be released. Each week a brand new music video will be released until all songs on the album have been seen. You can pre-order the limited edition CD version of BEST OF ME here and expect it on its release date, December 9th along with an extra bonus gift from CURTIS. 

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