On the eve of his birthday in December of 2014, CURTIS released the stand-alone single, “All Night (With You),” a collaborative effort he shares with his cousin, D1NE. It had been four years since CURTIS released any music, and he was itching to get back into the studio to produce and record an uptempo feel-good song to celebrate his birthday. Prior to that, CURTIS enjoyed the success of his second book of poetry and short stories, “I, Poetic Confessions, II” where he furthered his accomplishments as a poet and author.


After releasing "All Night (With You)" CURTIS took time to prepare material for his current album, NO APOLOGIES. He used the single as a catalyst and an entry back into the mode of studio life - creating, writing, recording, and rehearsing. Due to much interest and the simple fact that CURTIS really enjoys this song, he decided to include it on the NO APOLOGIES tracklist, which seems to work perfectly.

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