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Curtis R. Smith has been writing stories, poetry, and music since he was a child. He used that skill to write a 2-part poetry collection of works describing the different aspects of his life. As a series, he titled the collection, "Poetic Confessions" with hopes of delivering personal truths to motivate and inspire others to live their best lives possible. Below, find both books and their synopses before ordering your own personal copies from Amazon. Also, check out the featured Spoken Word video.

From the internal depths of self discovery, Curtis R. Smith takes us on a passionate journey through life's highs and lows with prose and poetry. Delivering deeply emotional word images through poignant messages, Passion Marks invites us into our own personalities to explore sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, and life's reality. With each page turn, a new leaf reveals life's ever changing experiences-some bitter, others sweet. Experiences on an intimate journey of passion where we all strive for one thing acceptance. Acceptance of self and of others poetically confessed through marks of passion allows us to be drawn in for more. ORDER HERE


with barriers knocked down and doors unlocked, go deeper into the heart, mind, and soul of an award winning poet, songwriter, and performer. a continuation of his marks of passion, curtis opens up more than ever and allows us to explore his inner being – his private, more vulnerable side. examine his spirituality, his addictions, his colorful sexuality, and his need to be understood. “i,” is an intimate collection of therapeutic journal excerpts and poetic confessions that speaks truths covered in a wide range of emotions while holding self and others accountable for their roles in the act of simply living. ORDER HERE

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