One of the songs on my upcoming album is called "Question" so I've created a fun contest below with nine multiple choice questions. Fill in your e-mail address and select one answer per question to have a chance at winning a FREE copy of my "LOVE... LIFE" CD. A random winner with all of the correct answers will win. As a Boojy Crew member, you can enter as many times as you like until the contest ends. All other entrants will have only one chance. Good luck. Winner to be announced after the contest ends on October 30th. 
What song from the "NO APOLOGIES" album does CURTIS do a whole verse in Spanish?
What song addresses the depression CURTIS went through?
What song features the late brother of CURTIS?
What song did CURTIS write in response to the ongoing social unrest?
What song does CURTIS incorporate lyrics from Janet Jackson?
Which track does NOT pay reference to "Curusm?"
What was the debut single CURTIS launched his musical career with?
Which music video showcases a picnic?
What was the first gig that paid CURTIS as a musician?

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